ADS – Automatic Dispensing System

About ADS

Smart real-time dosing system designed to ensure the precise proportional dosing in processes like disinfection,
sanitation, floor cleaning, etc. The system can utilize up to 3 chemicals. The CM2W flow meter technology
assures the precise dosing and 100% proof of delivery. All the processes are managed and monitored through a
cloud-based software platform accessible through any device with internet access.


  • Precise proportional dosing
  • Proof of delivery of the chemicals and disinfectants
  • Real time monitoring of the dispensing process – consumption, dilution programs, performance
  • Real time remote adjustments of the solution proportions
  • Real time alarm notifications in case of malfunctions
  • Keyboard proportion selection and quantity adjustments
  • Fraud prevention


  • The system is independent from the water supply pressure in the facility
  • Unlimited number of chemical proportion combinations
  • Ability to use level alarm suction lances
  • Alarm lamp signalization in case of malfunction or lack of products
  • Simple maintenance and installation

ADS – Technical data sheet


Dimensions 70/50/25 centimeters (H/W/D)
Weight About 12 kg

General purpose

Proportional dosing Unlimited applications
Max number of products 3
Low level alarms Available

Power supply

Voltage 100-240 V / 50-60Hz

Water supply

Pressure (in dynamic range) Minimum: 1 bar / Maximum: 2 bars
Flow rate 4 m3/h (regulator at the inlet is recommended)
Inlet 1/2 female


Number Up to 3 pumps/products
Flow rate Up to 10 l/h, 24V/50Hz

Water valve

Piloting valve voltage 24V / 8 W- DC
Body Nickel plated brass
Membrane EPDM

Flush Manifold

Products Maximum 3
Material PP

Water flow meter

Number 1
Measuring principle Paddle wheel
Flow range 0,07 – 5 l/min (H2O 20° C)
Nozzle 1,0 mm
Viscosity 0.4 – 20 mPas

Product flow meter

Number 2 or 3
Measuring principle Paddle wheel
Flow range 0,015 – 0,9 l/min (H2O at 20 C)
Nozzle D=3.0 mm integrated
Viscosity 0.5 – 20 mPas

Fittings and tubing

Fittings material PP
Fittings diameter 9×12 mm
Tubes material PTFE
Tubes diameter 8×12 mm

Alarm lamp

Voltage 24V DC – 2W

Program selector

Display 16 digits LED display
Number of programs Unlimited
Different Languages Available in Latin and Cyrillic alphabet


Reach Remote via WEB based platform
Visibility Through any device with internet access
Users Unlimited number of users
Input signals 4 inputs (galvanically isolated)


Number Unlimited
Units used g/kg/liter


Consumption Visible and real time
Cost of chemicals Visible and real time
Events Visible and real time
Programs Visible and real time
Alerts and Notifications Visible and real time


24/7, Real time Visible and real time