Tech Advantages

In the age of digitalization and the IoT, computerization and Internet connectivity remains a top priority for all companies for whom control, productivity and profit are leading. In all areas of the industry, the entry of new technologies is no longer an experiment, but a vital condition for success in a highly competitive environment. However, the understanding of the need for a technological leap remains only to those who know how much the world has changed.

Introduction to IoT: Industrial IoT Market

IoT is a topic of significant importance in the Industrial market and helps small, medium-sized and large businesses around the world to analyze data, optimize business processes and make data-driven decisions.
In this short video Mihail Yachev, CEO of CM2W, explains why IoT is so important in the Industrial market and which concepts should be considered to select the best IoT solution for your business.

Wi-Fi vs. Cellular connectivity | Industrial IoT Market

Choosing between Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity for your IoT network has a significant role in your IoT project, as all IoT devices need a stable and secured internet connection.
In this video Mihail Yachev, CEO of CM2W, discusses the pros and cons of both technologies, highlights the main benefits of the Cellular connectivity and explains why the Cellular should be the right choice.

Edge Computing | Industrial IoT Market

Edge computing is a distributed architecture, in which data is processed and analyzed closer to the source, where it has been generated. In today’s industrial market being able to answer the growing business demand and to handle the increasing number of connected devices requires an adequate IoT solution, as well.
In this short video Mihail Yachev, CEO of CM2W, explains why edge computing is so important for the industrial market, what are the differences compared to centralized data servers and how you could optimize your business processes by using IoT solution based on edge computing.