GREEN CONNECTION is a long term ecological strategy of CM2W focused on the implementation of practical solutions of environment protection issues.

GREEN CONNECTION addresses the responsible resource consumption by:

  • Our management platform provides the highest level of efficient usage of water, chemicals and energy consumption, depending on what business area it is implemented – thus minimizing the waste of resources;
  • CM2W platform is actually web based that helps to remotely control and manage your equipment – thus we minimize the waste energy and fuel to visit venues;
  • Paper usage – we have started an internal initiative for responsible paper usage. All CM2W team members are encouraged to decrease usage and re-use paper, as well as recycle all paper waste;
  • All useless IT and electronic equipment has to be donated in order to ensure its re-use;
  • We organize separate garbage collection

We believe that each effort, no matter how small, can make a huge difference for nature.