CTDS Controller

Centralized Tunnel Dosing System

CTDS is especially configured for the industrial hygiene market ensuring reliable and precision chemical dosing for maximum efficiency. It offers an opportunity for operational scalability and adapts easily to increased workload or market demands to help businesses to grow rapidly.

Thanks to the wide range of opportunities like an incredibly large number of inputs boards and sensors per access point enabling a system’s expansion you can scale, optimize and grow your facility infrastructure.

  • The ultimate IoT controller for centralized scalable tunnel dosing
  • Applicable in industrial washing, agriculture & farming, swimming pool systems
  • The application fields are exemplary and the system could be adapted for serving various industrial needs
CBW Tunnel Laundry Dosing System

Easy customized system

  • One pump for more chemicals.
  • One pump for each chemical.
  • One pump for more compartments (machines).
  • With air flush.
  • With water flush.
  • With air and water flush.
  • Possibility to connect all type of dosing pumps, distribution manifolds, digital flow meters.

All known programming modes

  • Binary code.
  • Time combination.
  • Protocol 31.
  • Relay mode.
  • Formula selector mode.

System with all known dosing systems modes

  • Flow meter mode.
  • Temperature mode.
  • Conductive (inductive) mode.
  • PH mode.

Artifcial intelligence

  • Self-checking.
  • Self-improving.
  • Dosing proactivity.
  • Alert Proactivity.

Each dosing system is part of each company unique CM2W devices network

  • Easy to monitor all company devices by: activity, consumption, location, actual stock availability.
  • Easy to be integrated to any CRM or any other software, to fully automate the process.

Easiest to update all devices firmware system upon customer request

Lowest possible CAPEX, due to different business models

  • Low value of the monthly cost due to the management platform – many benefits and high added value.
  • Possibility for each customer to assemble its own system with CM2W controllers.
CBW Tunnel Laundry Dosing System