How It Works

Open and supported

We provide free, open and supported libraries along with tutorials and documentation to allow you to connect to CM2W using the hardware you want. To make it even easier, we are adding CM2W Enabled hardware platforms every day from a variety of vendors. The libraries leverage our standards-based API over HTTPS to make connecting to the Internet of Things simple, intuitive and fast.

Never has it been so easy to take an idea to production.

Scale When Needed

Scale When Needed CM2W Graph

Now its time to scale. Create batches of products dynamically to match production. CM2W will map each and every device come online for the first time and when it does, our platform will recognize it, secure the connection, and give you full control. Our scalable infrastructure ensures that your connected products deliver reliable, secure and compelling experience. Before you know it, your products are deployed and connected around the world.

We combine SQL and NoSQL databases in order to make our platform highly scalable.