Do we deliver technical training to our distributors and customers?

We provide on-site training support to advise our distributors and customers of the best ways to apply the benefits of our software platform and hardware tool for their installations, and consequently maximise the return on investment. The training covers the basics for maintaining the platform and control devices, as well as in-depth guidance on full installation, programming and management. Thanks to our network of distributors, we can even hold these training sessions for you, in your language.

Is our solution competitive to different type of machines?

Yes. Our solution is designed to cover up all type of machines in industrial chemistry distribution, Office Coffee Service machines and vending business. No matter what the machine software is, CM2W can remotely control and manage their hardware equipment in order to support them with better efficiency and materials usage. Is there an option for branding of our control devices? We offer our customers the option to distribute our products under their own company’s name thanks to our internal branding facility. This option applies to all our hardware devices – real time control & management systems. Promoting your brand will enhance your business reputation and having your logo and your contact details printed on our products is an easy and effective way of reaching out to potential customers every day. We deliver our products with own-labeling, with designs to suit your stock and product requirements.

What are the option for cm2w software platform and hardware exclusive usage?

Our products have the option for remote management and control of your machines. This option provides you as a distributor with full control on your customers usage and prevents any other competitors products from being used with your dosing systems and machines, insuring both your return on investment and your future sales.

Returns policy

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. However any manufacturer can face the occasional fault and our Returns Policy process ensures that your comments and requests are dealt with efficiently, minimising the impact on your business. We operate a return-to-sender policy which means all faulty goods are returned to us at the cost of the buyer. Replacement products are charged until the damaged goods can be inspected by our QA team. If the goods are still covered by the one year guarantee and we are responsible for the fault, we will be replacing the goods.

Warranty period

We offer 1 year warranty period for our hardware equipment – dosing systems and control devices. Spare parts are not under guarantee terms of usage.

Contact center support

We provide our customers with full technical information support by an email and customers telephone line that are published in the “Contact Us” page of our website.