DSC MOCO – Single Laundry Controller


  • Compatible with all types of pumps.
  • Full control on the loyalty of your customers.
  • Output power voltage: 24V DC.
  • Output electric power: 150W.
  • Input power voltage: 240V DC.
Pumps:8 pumps max
External control:16 digits LED program selector
Calibration:Easy and quick pump calibration
Working mode:Relay and formula(program) mode
Connectivity:GPRS or WiFi
Programming:Remote via WEB based platform
Monitoring:Remote via WEB based platform
Metrics:Remote via WEB based platform
Input signal:8 inputs (galvanically isolated)
Output signal:8 outputs
Flush manifold:1 output
Signal supply:20-230 V AC
Power supply:100-240 V / 50-60Hz
Enclosure:IP 55, ABS thermoplastic
Dimensions(mm)(HxWxD):240/190/90 mm
Weight:2.1 kg

More for DSC MOCO

Single Laundry Pump

Single Laundry Pump
30-60-90-120 l/h

  • Flow rate:
    30-60-90-120 l/h
  • Input:
    1 input power supply
  • Tubing:
    EPDM, NORPRENE, Silicon
  • Power supply:

Flow meter Module

  • Flow rate:
    0.07 – 5.0 l/m (H2O 20° C).
  • Nozzle:
    D=3.0 mm integrated.
  • Viscosity:
    0.4…20 mPas.
  • Voltage Supply:
    5-24 max. VDC.

Key system benefits

  • WEB connectivity for a 24/7
  • Remote programming via Internet.
  • Remote monitoring via Internet.
  • 24/7 monitor of the consumption.
  • Remote programs setup & fine-tuning.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • User friendly software. Software installation is not required. No need for specially trained staff.
  • Precise measuring for maximum effciency.
  • Faster reaction time in case of problems.
  • Overview of all clients current consumption.