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… or about “internet of things” and business

How the business can use the possibilities, which technologies for distant connectivity and so-called “Internet of things” offer?

The young company Connect Machines to Web (CM2W) gives good idea for this with its platform which allows distant monitoring and control of industrial machines and hardware equipment.

The mobile version, giving possibility for online control of the machine`s work via smartphone or tablet is really convenient.

“This makes the platform absolute unique as service, applicable in industrial plan, not only in Bulgaria, but in the European market” says CM2W.

Remote control of industrial machines and equipment allows optimization of transport costs and costs for personnel.

Also the service provider reduces the time for reaction, as when needed correction in the work of the equipment, he changes the needed parameters in real time.

The platform has already been installed in companies not only in Bulgaria, but in Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Cyprus. Pending installation in Dubai and the USA.

The application is almost limitless –

It can be added in every business, using industrial or trade machines.

It has already been successfully introduced in some main business areas, as distribution of industrial chemicals (it controls dosing systems for industrial laundry machines and dishwashing machines, where the end effect of using it can lead to 30% – 40% increasing profit) and coffee distribution (data shows that the implement of the platform leads to more than 30% and also leads to dramatically reducing costs for logistics and operations control of vending machines.Not long ago CM2W falls in the portfolio of LAUNCHub seed fund.

From its creation in 2012, LAUNCHub has invested more than 4.5 million euro in 49 startup companies of the digital area and has attracted more than 4 million euro of investments. On strategic level LAUNCHub is partnering with Seedcamp and Mozilla WebFWD .

The fund controls 9 million euro on instrument Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Seed Financing from the common initiative JEREMIE of EIF and EC.

“Internet of things” is one of the priority areas, which LAUNCHub observes investment possibilities and projects of talented digital teams in the country.

CM2W Publications

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Control machines via your smartphone

CM2W Company develops software solutions for industrial sector

Technological development invariably leads to reduction of manpower, as this applies largely for industrial sector. The purpose is people to give commands to the devices, which work instead of the people. During the past years, we hear more and more about the conception “Internet of things”. It strives to connect as many machines as it can to the wide web, so they can exchange data. The idea is to optimize the work process and to reduce the costs.Group of people noticed the potential of this innovation about two years ago and start working on developing software for connecting machines to web and gaining information for them in real time.This way Connect Machines To Web (CM2W) received financing from seed fund LAUNCHub on May this year. The investment was 200 thousand euro (max amount, which can be used for helping developed project). “Internet of things” is one of the priority areas, which the seed fund is looking up for products for next investments.Two years ago, two of the founders of the company noticed, there is a problem with providers of different services. This problem consists of extreme lack of time and unreliable observation of consumers` facilities.Thus is born the idea for creating a platform, which allows monitoring and control from distance of different kind of machines and equipment.
Remote control

Using chip, which has to be installed to the machine, the provider can track the quality and intensity of work via his smartphone or tablet. He can also put parameters for the machine to work with. This way many facilities can be observed and if there appears any problem, providers can react fast and accurate – again from distance.“One of the things is that the software optimizes the business and increase the efficiency of the machines by 30 – 40% and the other thing is that it saves money and time for visiting every facility.” says Valeri Rafailov – Marketing Manager in CM2W. The investment, which users of the software have to make is paying 1-2 euro per machine.The software is developed for two business areas till now – distribution of industrial chemicals and distribution of coffee. The platform helps regulating the work of laundry and dishwashing machines. Also it gives information about the quantity of the used detergent, its type and price.This way the distributors can easy track the activity of their clients. It is the same with the coffee distributing business.The user of the software has possibility to monitor in real time the amount of coffees made and the remaining quantity coffee in the machine, which he has provided. “Using the chip, the providers receive information for the product and the quantity, which the clients use in his machines. In case that the machine is loaded with competitor`s product, the provider can stop its the work remotely” explains the manager in CM2W.

Where, when, how?
Ten people from Bulgaria work on the CM2W project. They maintain and update the platform according to the needs and preferences of the clients. The software is used by companies in Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, USA and the United Arab Emirates.“Our product solves issue, which all the distributors around the world have. The important thing is our clients to accept, that the investment in the software will restore repeatedly” says Valeri Rafailov. The purpose of the Bulgarian team is after strengthen the relations with client from abroad, the client to become representative of CM2W. According to them, their product has no competition on the market, which has the same technical parameters. After the agreed relations with LAUNCHub end, the project will apply for new financing.“The new investing will help for faster developing of the project and introducing it in new business verticals of the market” says Rafailov. The plan is to develop similar software for vending and gaming machines, water and beer dispensers.